First Visit

The worst part is over as you have taken the leap and scheduled your appointment at Hudson Dental Center.

What to expect on your first appointment?

Your first visit to Hudson Dental Center will establish the foundation for a rich and long lasting relationship with Dr Payal Kshatriya and entire team. Your comfort and satisfaction are important from the moment you step in and forever. Prior to your visit, Dr. Payal Kshatriya recommends that you fill up registration forms (Patient Information, Medical History, Dental History) on your computer or mobile at your own convenience and it takes only 5-10 minutes. There is no need for printing, scanning or bringing any papers with you.

It is very critical that you register online prior to your visit in order for us to provide the best dental care to you.

All forms are HIPAA compliant and send securely to our system plus it helps us to get paperless.


During this appointment, you will be greeted on your arrival and you will get to know our friendly team. Please bring your valid form of identification and insurance card if you will be using your dental insurance. (You may also send us copy of your insurance card via email/text/whatsapp). If you liked to watch any TV show, please let our front desk know and they will be more than happy to accommodate your request. Do you like to be on instagram/facebook/Yelp? We do too. Check-In on Facebook and Yelp and get 5$ Starbucks Gift Card. Coffee and wifi is complementary.

Directions & Parking

If you are driving, you can find metered parking on Bergenline Avenue and we recommend all our guests to feed meters for 2 hours. You may also use Shoppers Parking on 63rd and 64th St on Bergenline Avenue and meters there allows you park for 4 hours and you can use credit card or parkmobile app to pay or extend hours.

Please put timer on your phone and you can ask our staff to set a reminder for you. If you are short of quarters, please ask our front desk and we will lend you You can get free parking on 64 St and 65 St but please make sure you are look sweeper’s schedule in order to avoid any tickets.

Public transport:

You can use following NJ Transit bus

Meeting with Dentist (Dr Payal Kshatriya DDS)

You will meet with Dr Payal Kshatriya DDS and she will go over with your medical history, oral health worries or concerns. She will make sure your are comfortable sharing all details. We encourage you to ask questions and this open communication will help you relieve any anxiety or nervousness feeling. Our rooms are equipped with TV with FireTV with Bluetooth headsets and ask any of our staff members for assistance.

The typical first-time dental visit includes bitewing x-rays, a comprehensive oral exam and a dental cleaning.

Dental X-Rays

You will probably need dental x-rays … unless you have had them recently and have brought them with you or asked your previous dentist to send them. No dentist can or will start working on you without getting a good perspective on what’s going on in your mouth. We use modern dental x-ray equipment that emits virtually no radiation, so you have no reason to be concerned about that, and most of the newer equipment isn’t as uncomfortable because the material you hold in your mouth is smaller and smoother. we may suggest a new panoramic type of x-ray, often called Panorex or Pano, which can show both your upper and lower jaw in one picture. This can be helpful in diagnosing bite and alignment issues.

Know each other

You should be prepared to tell Dr Payal what previous treatment you have had. Although much will be evident when she looks in your mouth and at your x-rays, it is a good idea to share some details about what’s been done already.

Be ready to talk about any current dental problems you may be having. If this is a get-acquainted visit or you just need to get your teeth cleaned, more power to you. However, many adults wait till something is up, and any treatment plan should start with everything that is bothering you.

Comprehensive Exam

If you have any health issues or are currently taking medication for a condition like diabetes, heart disease or hypertension, be sure to let your dentist know about it. Many tooth and gum problems are related to medical issues and their treatment. Our dentist will also examine your teeth and gums, looking for cavities or other problems.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Payal recommends having an oral cancer screening at least once each year. Regular screenings can help ensure early detection of any potential cancers. During your oral cancer screening, Dr. Payal will check for any abnormalities. We will closely examine your mouth, throat, lips, gums, and tongue. Read More.

Teeth Cleaning

Often, your first visit will include teeth cleaning, though if it’s been a while since you last had your teeth cleaned, you may need to be scheduled for a longer visit at a later time.

An added advantage of modern equipment is your dentist’s ability to see your x-ray results on the computer, immediately. That will speed up the diagnosis process. Dr Payal will discuss the comprehensive dental treatment plan she developed that is specifically for you and is designed to prevent smaller issues from getting bigger and more expensive in future.

Treatment plan and payment options

After Dr. Payal talked you about possible treatment plan, our front desk will answer any questions you may have and will go over the treatment plan, pricing and payment options available. If you are using your dental insurance, they will go over in details with coverage and predetermination. You will provided a clear, detailed estimate on the cost of your treatment plan. You may request digital copy of your dental treatment plan that includes the price quote for your recommended treatments. We recommend you to schedule future appointments before you leave our office.

Our commitment to your healthier mouth.

  • Our prices are affordable. Ask us for our discount plan.
  • We use the best supplies and top of the line equipments.
  • No compromise in sterilization and infection control.
  • Keep ourselves with current trends with several continuous education.
  • Our staff is CPR/AED trained with a ready Emergency Kit.
  • Your comfort and trust is most important to us.

Call us at 201.662.1922 or book online to schedule your first appointment and a long lasting relationship.

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