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Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Retreatment

Teeth with endodontic treatment can last as long as natural teeth as long as you brush and floss daily, have routine check-ups and eat a healthy diet. However, if a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy and does not heal, or even if treatment is successful, sometimes pain resumes, and the tooth becomes diseased. Under these circumstances, root canal retreatment or also called endodontic retreatment may save your tooth.

Root Canal Retreatment (Endodontist Retreatment)
Root Canal Retreatment (Endodontic Retreatment)

Reasons for Retreatment

  • Damage to the root: Root damage can occur as a result of a root fracture or because of the formation of a cyst or infection around the tip of the root.
  • New decay develops: When the root canal filling is exposed to bacteria as a result of decay, the treatment area may become infected again. A broken, loose or cracked crown or filling can yield the same result.
  • Root canals are not thoroughly cleaned and sealed: For treatment to be effective, the root canals must be thoroughly cleaned and sealed as close to the root as possible. In some cases, the canals may be so tiny, curved or hardened that they may be difficult to clean thoroughly.

The Retreatment Procedure

During endodontic retreatment, the root canals are reopened, filled and sealed again. This procedure is done in house by root canal specialist also known as Endodontist. Usually the crown and other materials must be removed for the dentist to access to the canals. The inside of the tooth is carefully examined for the presence of other canals and unusual anatomy to ensure a thorough cleaning and sealing during this retreatment.

If the canals are narrow, curved or hardened, we can make an incision close to the end of the root, so that the tip of the root can be sealed.

Following the final visit, a new restoration must be placed to protect the tooth and to restore biting and chewing functions.

After your Root Canal Retreatment

Every patient is different, but you will receive a set of detailed post-operative instructions. If everything goes according to plan, any swelling, soreness, and pain should subside within a week or two. We will ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment, so we can monitor your process and place another dental crown.

You should pay special attention to your retreated tooth during your oral hygiene routine. Proper brushing and flossing can prevent future complications. Regular checkups and professional cleanings are also an important part of your oral health.

Alternatives to Retreatment

Endodontic surgery or surgery along with retreatment may be recommended. Tooth extraction is the only other alternative and followed by Dental Implant. This process is ultimately more expensive and time consuming because the tooth must be replaced. While modern tooth replacements are effective, nothing is better than your natural tooth.

If you are experiencing problems with a previously treated tooth, you may need root canal retreatment. Call 201.662.1922 to schedule your appointment now!

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